The Things That Waste Your Time

I am partway through a computing platform switch—two, actually—and ran into a minefield of problems with Adobe Creative Cloud and Lightroom apps, which for starters synched part of my massive photo library online. Ha! With warning storage is full and that I need to purchase more. In all the years using Lightroom, I have never stored photos on Adobe’s website. That is until, unknowingly, tonight.

If an option easily exists to turn off syncing, I can’t find it. Remedy for now, the process is paused. Nor do I see evidence online of this overflowing storage heap, which contents my fingers desperately want to delete with a single key stroke.

Anyway, I cancelled my Adobe subscription. I can’t seem to easily import photos, which is massively troublesome. On the Mac, when copying from the camera, Lightroom organized images in file folders by date. If there is a subfolder option for importing on the new platform, I can’t find it, and going folder to folder won’t happen. My time is more valuable than that. Also, there is some problem importing the Lightroom Catalog file, which without means loss to all edits—even if I could easily restore the main library.

Of course, Adobe’s solution to computer-to-computer migration is syncing to the cloud. That’s fine if you can afford to pay for extra storage, so I never had.

Okay, gripe-session is over. Bye, bye, Lightroom.