What About the Windows Majority?

Apple released new digital media products and a smaller iPod portable music player during Macworld today. Entries over at my Jupiter Research analyst weblog give my early reaction [Editor: Links are no longer available].

Recently, I’ve been working exclusively in Windows, as I anchor Jupiter’s Microsoft Monitor service and using Microsoft software makes the job easier. I must admit that GarageBand looks like a slick product; it might even be the big announcement from Macworld. 

It’s disappointing to yet once again see the coolest software made available to the minority of users. C`mon, the majority of computer users run Windows. But it just seems like these Mac users, a small minority in the scheme of things, get all the neatest, radest software and gadgets. We are the majority, right, so shouldn’t we get better?

Seriously, I am poking fun here with the complaining. After all, Windows users pining for Macs should just up and switch. Besides, would cool really be cool if everyone used the coolest thing?