Mac’s Movie Preview Screensaver

When Macs are really cooler than PCs, they’re “Duh, that was so obvious”. My nine-year-old and I cruised through our local CompUSA this afternoon, and, as is customary, we bopped into the Mac section. She stopped at an iMac that was running the “Peter Pan” preview. When she reached to turn up the volume, the preview disappeared, leaving her with the Mac OS X desktop.

Stupid me, I started looking for QuickTime, figuring th preview had been playing in the open application. Smart daughter reasoned, “Maybe it was the screensaver, dad”. 

We’re all used to seeing photo screen savers, but video? Sure enough, I checked the System Preferences, and there was something called “HollywoodSaver”, a 225k or so file that I assume summoned up the movie previews from elsewhere on the iMac.

Say, Apple, nice gimmick. My daughter’s rabbit Daisy has a favorite toy, this balloon she pushes around with her nose. What fun a Daisy movie would make as a screensaver. I’m sure lots of folks could come with their own rad ravers—er, screensavers. I don’t see screensaver as one of the iMovie 4 sharing options. Anyone out there know if this is a standard doohickey for Mac OS X 10.3, iMovie or QuickTime 6.5? If so, tell your friends.