Gothic Punk

Late this afternoon, my daughter and I hauled down to Tysons Corner Center in McLean, Va., shopping for jackets at L.L. Bean. Next shop is Apple Store numero uno, being the first of the retail operations opened. I like to get my daughter’s reaction to technology. Kids growing up with the stuff often have a refreshing perspective.

She cracked me up by describing the U2 iPod as “Gothic punk”. Now, where would a 10 year old come up with that? But it’s the appropriate description. I asked for her aesthetic opinion of the new flat-panel iMac. “Ugly, dad,” and I wouldn’t disagree. I typically side with Apple design, but I’m no fan of the newest iMac. For my taste, there’s too much white space below the screen.

People packed the store anyway. I’ve watch the store for more than three years. I’d say it’s been busier the last three or four months than ever. Some of the financial analysts are red hot on Apple right now. If apparent store traffic at the first Apple shop is a measure of success, maybe the Mac market is looking better. Maybe.

Photo Credit: Daisuke Matsumura