Island of Islands

I spent the day in Manhattan, where I had meetings at my employer’s office. After work I walked down 33rd Street from Park Ave. South to Seventh Ave., where is Pennsylvania Station. The first day of autumn ushered in while I walked, but the warmth of summer basked after-work walkers.

About every 10 feet I encountered someone wearing white iPod earpieces, and attached to purses or belts and bulging from handbags or backpacks I saw iPod minis of every color. It would be understatement to say that I saw less than 50 iPodders along my way to Penn Station.

In a way, the sight of them made me feel sad. For their iPods isolated them from the sounds and movement of a beautiful day coming to a close as the delightful new season ushered in. I thoroughly enjoyed my jaunt part way across the island. I only wish fewer people were islands to themselves.

Photo Edit: Jake Bellucci