Little Miss Shutterbug

This evening, I took my daughter to the camera store, where we purchased a Canon Digital Rebel (black). She has shown great interest in photography, outgrowing her Canon PowerShot S410 and constantly begging to use my Canon EOS 20D. She didn’t ask for a new camera, but she got one. The older Rebel is more than she really needs and cost less than the newer Rebel XT.

Photography will join her growing list of homeschool topics. She has shown great initiative taking pictures and appears to have a good knack (at least for an 11 year-old) for composition. I snapped the above picture at her request. Composition isn’t great, and the picture required extensive retouching (it really needs more). If had more time, she and the camera would be both in focus.

The new digital camera is an expense but an investment, too. Photographs are a great way of serving other people, of spreading a little kindness. My daughter plans to spread lots of joy.