Bad Internet Explorer

I am just so upset, I won’t much blog tonight. I had just finished a long post on last night’s “24” and decided to put in a photo. When I uploaded the image, I got a warning on the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview toolbar about blocked content. The browser had blocked the image from loading. OK. No big deal. I clicked the option to allow the content, which instead cleared the browser window and my post.

Upset? Upset? There are no words. This is the second time in less than a week where I lost a long blog post to Microsoft beta software—Friday on my work blog and now on my personal blog. 

Problem: Microsoft has got this new feature that automatically blocks content mixed from secure and non-secure sources. It’s a fairly typical practice for a website establishing a secure connection to also pull images and other stuff from a standard Web server. Microsoft blocks the non-secure content to prevent it from accessing information from the secure content.

Uh, yeah. How about letting me access information from the secure site rather than wipe it out? Microsoft is testing Internet Explorer to work out potential snafus like the one I just experienced. You the reader experience it, too, because you’re not getting the post I first wrote.

Absolutely, I fault Microsoft, because right now I’m mad. Internet Explorer development languished for years. Sure, the company tries to do the right thing now. But it’s going to have to inflict a lot of pain in the process of setting things right. I’ll fault Microsoft less when I cool off, and I blame myself, too. I should have saved the post to draft before uploading the images, which is what I more typically do. I should know better when using a fresh beta (Microsoft released it today).

Anyway, I’ve got a real good bug report to file. Argh.

Photo: Public Domain