Bun Bun Suns

Washington is cooler this Sunday than the last. But a little chill isn’t stopping Spring, or Bun Bun (not her real name) getting out for a run.

Bun Bun will be three years old this year. We bought her on an August day from the Animal Exchange in Rockville, Md. The store was a pitstop to pick up pet supplies before purchasing a bunny from the Montgomery County Fair. My daughter fell in love with this lone bunny at the store. She was big, perhaps six months old, and a risk. Young kittens are easier to train and to hold. 

While cute, Bun Bun is no cuddle-rabbit. She won’t sit in the lap or tolerate being picked up. But she’s well behaved. The rabbit has free reign over my basement office, because she doesn’t chew on wires (and there are plenty because of the computers).

I enjoy letting her romp around the backyard, which is more difficult than even a few months ago. We have fairly new neighbors that have two large—and I mean LARGE—dogs, the rabbit-killing kind. One of them looks down from the neighbor’s deck at the bunny eating clover just beyond the fence, and he barks—and barks, and barks. When the rabbit is loose, the two dogs run up and down along the fence, sniffing for ways to get through.

If that ever happens, well…