Where Washington Works

I can’t blame Intel for promoting Centrino, and I like the result: The chipmaker worked with Sperling’s Best Places to rank the top cities for teleworking (Whatever happened to calling it telecommuting?). Washington ranks #1

I am baffled by the press release, as to whether Washington is the city best suited for teleworking or the one with the best facilities. I haven’t seen that many Centrino hotspots. Montgomery Mall has one, and that’s about five miles from my house.

I enjoy working from home, but find it leads to a longer day than would be the office. There’s this myth some people have about household distractions. Folks often ask how I avoid the temptation to watch TV or goof off. Yeah, I wish. My wife can attest to how the workday spills into the home day, just about everyday. So there’s mutual benefits to employer and me.