The End Begins

Last night, I moved my domain to a new host and started setting up a new Weblog using WordPress. Please note the new URL and new Webfeed. If you subscribe to my TypePad feed, please, resubscribe to the new one.

I have long considered moving away from TypePad. There is more permanence to a hosted domain, which importance increases as people subscribe to my site or link back to it. I apologize to those folks that now must update their feeds.

Using WordPress has been an amazing experience and a real testimony to open source and community participation. The software is largely W3C standards compliant, and there are thousands of themes readily available for customizing the look of blogsites. I hope to make my contribution once I am more comfortable with the software.

I intend this to be my last TypePad post. Please visit my new Weblog, which will take a few weeks to get fully functional. While WordPress easily imported the contents of the old site, I need to make lots of little tweaks, such as URLs for past posts and for images.