No Jet Blues

We don’t vacation often, because it costs just too darn much to travel. Besides, there are plenty of attractions in Washington, D.C. Everybody comes our way to see the monuments. Anyway, we flew out to San Diego last night—direct flight on JetBlue. The airline ran into some big trouble a few months back because of a series of storm-related delays. I hesitated about using the carrier, but I’d not ever had trouble with it.

The night before our travels, I received e-mail with useful information and opportunity to check-in for the flight and to print out labels for checked luggage. Whoa—and this was day before travel. Among the goodies going in the hold: a boogie board. Upon arrival, we couldn’t find it in the baggage area and left the airport. About 10:15 p.m. PDT, someone from JetBlue called about the missing boogie board, which was later delivered to the hotel for free. What a laugh! We only had paid 15 bucks for the board—coincidentally, in San Diego three years earlier—but we were still happy to get it. I later added the picture, above, of my daughter using the board during our vacation.