Nerd Test 2.0

This afternoon, I took the revised nerd test. I scored a “0” on the original test, which indicated that I am not a nerd. I always thought that maybe the test was too limited to computer geeks, one of which I am not.

My results from the first test are to the left and the newer results to the right. The newer test appears to reach out to other geek categories. I had a reputation in high school for being a science geek, which is better reflected in the newer test.

But I also was the guy who got his FCC license for being a radio disc jockey. My iTunes widget gives a glimpse of what kind of music I listen to today.

Anyway, I rank as a “Uber Cool Non-Nerd,” whatever that means. Say, shouldn’t there be a hyphen in “Uber Cool”—or is that, gasp, a nerd observation?

Photo Credit: Tomotaka Nagata