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I was Wrong About Laptop Hunter Sheila

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She is an artist, and, on second consideration, Sheila certainly does look like a filmmaker.

Sheila Dvorak is star of Microsoft’s newest “Laptop Hunters” commercial, which is currently airing during U.S. prime time. I saw the ad last night, I believe during Fox’s “Fringe,” which I had previously recorded.

On Monday, I asked: “Did Laptop Hunter Sheila Find Treasure?” I also asserted that first Laptop Hunter Lauren fit more the part of artist than Sheila.

She wrote in comments: “You don’t have to look like an artist to be an artist.” Well, there she is—on IMDB. Sheila looks every bit the filmmaker. She was associate producer for “Children of Invention” and directed short film “Vacation Bible Lemonade.” Whoops, it’s not smart to sing rap at vacation Bible camp.

Funny, Sheila’s IMDB popularity is down 11 percent this week. What? Does Hollywood’s Macintosh-obsessed artist social club spurn PC users? Maybe, maybe not. See, Sheila is in good company. Steven Spielberg is down 7 percent, Quentin Tarantino is down 22 percent and Loveleen Tandan, co-director of 2008 Best Picture “Slumdog Millionaire,” is down 9 percent. JJ Abrams is up 56%, but, d`oh. “Star Trek” opens today. By the way, Vacation Bible Lemonade popularity is up 13 percent.

I asked back in comments how Sheila liked her new laptop, the HP HDX 16t. In the commercial, Sheila picks the HP over a Mac and several Windows laptops, including a Toshiba model. I really wasn’t expecting a reply. But she did, correcting me again:

So far, so good. I have been able to work on my new screenplay in Final Draft, and I’m editing a video project using Adobe Premiere Elements. When I’ve finished a cut and it’s available online, your blog will be the first to know.

I had faulted the commercial for completely ignoring software as buying consideration, especially for a filmmaker. Hardware was the focus. I also questioned whether an entertainment laptop would be right fit for a filmmaker. Sheila has corrected me. Thanks, Sheila. I look forward to learning about that “finished cut.”

Full-length Vacation Bible Lemonade is available from IMDB. It’s clever. “Jesus Bo Beep, listen to me,” little Lucia sings. I love films that contrast cultures and lifestyles. Classic, from the camp administrator” “We’re trying to save souls here, not run a day care.”


  1. Joe,

    Geez, you let her off lightly!

    Did she say more to you than in your quote? Coz that brief quote doesn’t explain whether she had the software first or not.

    If she had the software first, then she was never going to buy a Mac, as she already would’ve had Windows versions.

    If she had a $2000 budget, why didn’t she spend more of it and get a laptop that would really suit her needs longer term too. For example, a 7200RPM HDD, a faster CPU to handle high def video, even more RAM?

    If she didn’t have the software, then was that part of her $2000 budget? If it was, then the budget was misleading. And, if she wanted a laptop for video editing, why did she spend only $99 on video editing software, but $249 on the scriptwriting software? That seems to indicate she’s more about writing than video editing. Which again, is not portrayed in the ad.

    And, as a filmmaker, why did she have so little understanding of her requirements, trusting the salesman’s "huh-mmm" when she asked if the graphics would be powerful enough.

    And what’s with the shrug at the Mac when she says "It’s only got 2GB RAM". It’s like she’s assuming that’s a maximum.

    And what about HD? Let’s assume she’s not shooting HD now, as that laptop is underspecced for HD. In fact, Adobe’s Premiere Elements system requirements say a 3GHz processor for HDV or BluRay. But what about the future when she does want to work with HD?

    I don’t care that she didn’t buy a Mac, but she sure didn’t shop wisely. She didn’t properly consider her software or future needs.

    Of course, maybe it’s just the editing of the ad that has portrayed her badly.

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