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Turbo Charge AT&T Internet

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AT&T is keeping secrets. I called to change my U-verse service and discovered 24Mbps Internet is available in my area for same price as 18Mbps. That was a brainless upgrade. AT&T calls the 24Mbps service Turbo Charge. OK, so it’s marketing speak, but the service delivers. I’m topping 22Mbps over WiFi. What’s not to like about that?

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  1. Meanwhile i suffer with a 3mb line and they sill have not been able to enable 6mb in my zone. The worst part is they going all exciting with: “but next year there will be a option for 5,10 and 15mb”

    I bet that i will be paying for 15mb what someone in the USA will pay for 50mb by then.

    But still glad you are having that speed Joe.

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