You’re Zucked!

Perhaps I don’t pay enough attention to Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis. Something, somewhen, somehow bugged me about his blog posts—maybe it was frequency or attitude, I don’t recall—and so I nuked his RSS feed sometime ago.

But post “The Big Game, Zuckerberg and Overplaying your Hand” has me howling delight, even though Jason rambles on even more incoherently than I do. Thanks to Dare Obasanjo for tweeting the link.

From Jason’s 2,000-word post:

You’re Zucked!

Yes, that’s the new catch phrase for when someone either steals your
business idea or screws you as a business partner.

Who’s been Zucked and how? Let’s take a look back:

  1. FourSquare was Zucked when Facebook stole their check-in feature.
  2. Twitter was Zucked when Facebook stole their public facing profiles.
  3. Facebook users got Zucked when the site flipped their privacy setting—three different times!
  4. The co-founder of Facebook was allegedly Zucked when he was kicked out of the company he helped found.
  5. The founders of ConnectU got Zucked when he allegedly screwed them over by not delivering their social network and then launching Facebook at the same time—and joked about it!
  6. Harvard reporters reportedly got Zucked when Mark hacked their accounts to try and stop a negative story/investigation about him.

You can only screw people for so long before it catches up to you. The
entire industry went from rooting for Zuckerberg to hating him and
Facebook–in under 18 months.

Peter Rojas and Matt Cutts have turned off their Facebook pages, and
more intelligent people everywhere are talking about doing so.

I have considered flipping off my Facebook page, too. It’s not that I have anything to hide; just principles. By the way, I noticed that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile has no information, just like mine. I stripped my profile bare following the most recent privacy changes. What? Disclosing personal information is OK for everyone else, but not for him?

Last week, at Betanews I asked: “Which is eviler? Apple, Facebook or Google?” Can you guess my answer?