WWDC 2010 Keynote: A Story in Tweets

The problem with Twitter, publishing is lost content. Tweets go into the massive Twittersphere never to have meaning again. It’s kind of like chatter; people talk and it’s gone (or so most of us hope). Well, hell, I can’t let all my tweets go to waste, particularly during Apple’s developer conference keynote when Twitter was my real-time publishing platform. So I’ve painstakingly cut and paste this morning’s Twitterfest during Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote for posterity’s benefit. 🙂

Joe: Netflix for iPhone, huh? Well, what do you think of those new 200MB, 2GB metered data plans now, assuming Netflix supports 3G?

Joe: [Steve] Jobs is making the right pitch to developers: $$. How much they can make. Successful platforms make third parties lots of $$.

Greg Glockner responded: @joewilcox Great point Joe. Windows is successful because it’s a platform that made many others successful.

Joe: Apple Store online is open, which means no new products for sale today. Otherwise, the store would be down during Jobs’ keynote.

Joe: Nice smoke and mirrors by Jobs about “Retina Display”. There’s more to the display than ppi. For text, font rendering, for example.

Joe: My criticism aside, iPhone 4 contrast ratio and clarity look pretty good.

Joe: My Nexus One has 252 ppi; 854 x 480 pixels. Human eye can see 300 ppi. iPhone 4 is 326 ppi; 960 x 640 pixels.

Joe: I’ve said smartphones will replace PCs. iMovie for iPhone is taste of the future. If you can shoot and edit on phone, who needs PC?

Joe: RT @teedubya: the new iPhone4 seems more impressive than the iPad… [Joe: Agreed. Too bad about those new AT&T data plans]

Robert Scoble: I turned my phone off. Steve Jobs is that convincing. 🙂

Joe responded to Robert: @Scobleizer You’re giving up on Android so soon? That Kool-Aid is intoxicating. Cover your ears! Close your eyes!

Joe: RT @anildash: Attention Apple keynote attendees: You don’t have to put down your laptop just because Steve says. You paid to be there…

Tim Conneally: I’m missing #wwdc, but while 9000 ft up in the Alps. I theres full 3G with tmobile where I am…so #iphone 4 would work here.

Joe responded to Tim: The Alps. You’re still in Europe, Tim? How is that T-Mo 3G over there.

Tim answered: @joewilcox 3 more days then back home and probably out to E3. T mobile is going strong. Its been good everywhere but poland.

Mugunth Kumar: Someone edited wikipedia already. There is no more iPhone OS page. It redirects to iOS!

Joe responded to Mugunth: @mugunthkumar Not just iPhone OS. Someone edited the [Backside] Illumination page to include iPhone 4, ignoring CMOS makers like Toshiba.

Mugunth answered: @joewilcox Looks like they are much faster than twitter 🙂

Kawika Holbrook: @joewilcox Nice thing about @Scobleizer giving up on “Android so soon” is that he—nor anyone else—doesn’t have to. Use both.

Joe responded to Kawika: @kawika I’m sticking with Android. New iPhone looks cool, but AT&T metered data plans, termination fees and calling problems keep me away

Joe: iBooks for iPhone is no shocker. Good usage rights, like when iTunes launched. DRM is there, but most people won’t notice it.

Joe: RT @rossrubin: Three stores is not a benefit. One integrated store for everything is a benefit. [Joe: Excellent point]

Joe: Does everyone get Jobs’ “emotion + interactivity” pitch for iAd? “Emotion” is missing from the Google ad model.

Joe: All this integration & exclusivity may haunt and help Apple, like Microsoft. Office locked in Windows sales & trustbusters balked.

Joe: About iPhone 4, I don’t see much more than Gizmodo already revealed in stories and videos about the lost prototype. Anyone else?

Joe: iPhone 4 video calling is the One More Thing? Like Nokia has offered on N-Series handsets FOR YEARS?

Frank V. responded: Many of the things Apple introduces have been done before. Just not widely adopted. The Ipod was not the first MP3 player.

Joe answered Frank: @StationA It’s all about marketing. Scoble’s tweets suggest he’s going back to iPhone. He just got to Android. Jobs is the master salesman.

Frank: That is true Joe. But like most things Apple does, this will signal the time when people actually start to use it.

Frank: @joewilcox I figured more people would have picked up on that M.O. by now..

Joe to Frank: @StationA I’m definitely not going to iPhone 4. I did a 29-day refresher in May. I’m Android and T-Mobile. AT&T is more the reason though.

Kawika: @joewilcox Curious which plan and carrier you have that doesn’t have termination fees? (Obviously AT&T is still the weak point for iPhones.)

Joe answered Kawika: @kawika I switched to T-Mobile in Oct. Lower termination fees than AT&T (as of 6/1) and unlimited phone, data and text.

Kawika: @joewilcox @nokia doesn’t have Sam Mendes directing commercials about video chats with kids, moms, and sign language. Very different.

Joe: So iPhone 4 video calling is WiFi-only in 2010. Many overseas carriers offer the feature over 3G on Nokia phones. Don’t forget HTC EVO 4G.

Patrick Gauthier: @joewilcox But Nokia doesnt have a superstar CEO and legions of fans…

Joe responded to Patrick: Nokia doesn’t have an all-star CEO, but it does have legions of fans. What strikes me is iPhone 4 similarities to some Nokias.

Patrick: @joewilcox NOKIA will capture 3rd party developers like APPL and GOOG can. I wish it was different. But numbers tell otherwise.

Joe: @PRGauthier Nokia doesn’t have an all-star CEO, but it does have legions of fans. What strikes me is iPhone 4 similarities to some Nokias.

Joe: @PRGauthier I agree that Nokia has fallen behind in design. But Nokia still delivers quality, performance and price to emerging markets.

Patrick: @joewilcox Yes when it comes to emerging market the line up of phones AND services is strong. India is poster child there.

Joe: @PRGauthier Last I checked, Nokia’s market share in India was something like 70%. It’s pretty high in most BRIC countries.

Joe: Boy Genius Report says 200,000 HTC EVO 4G sales over weekend: http://tinyurl.com/2amzrf6

Joe: iPhone 4 launches June 24, but in only five countries—US, France, Germany, UK, Japan.

Nicole N.: Thinking I should get an iPhone …but I really don’t want AT&T…their coverage is so terrible….#decisions

Joe warned Nicole.: @NicolePRexec Nicole, take a week and let Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field wear off some before deciding on iPhone 4. Breathe.

Nicole responded: @joewilcox That is good advice. I’ve stayed away from the iPhone hype for years…but now I’m starting to appreciate the video/app qualities.

Photo Credit: John Gevers