Kuma isn't coming Home

Yesterday, I told my wife that I let emotions cloud my judgment about our lost cat Kuma. Occam’s Razor leads to one likely scenario: A coyote got him.

About an hour ago, a city workman called. He found Kuma’s collar deep in the canyon that starts about a block from our apartment building. I can only assume coyote.

Even if only lost, Kuma isn’t coming home; there’s no collar with address or phone number if he is found. This afternoon, I’ll poster in the neighborhoods around the canyon, as a precaution. But I must assume he is gone.

I broke the routine that Sunday morning Kuma disappeared, by letting him out around 6 a.m., when it was still dark, instead of 7. Neighbors have since reported seeing coyotes roaming the street as late as 6:30.

Please enjoy this photo of kitten Kuma, taken in September 2010.