The Beeb Should Know Better Than Source Like This

I expect a lot more than crap-reporting from BBC News. Is this really the sorry state of tech journalism? The story cites absolutely no sources.

Google plans to pull photos from Google+ profiles to accompanying advertising, which would look to some people like endorsements. BBC claims user backlash.

One protest involves people swapping their profile pictures for that of Google boss Eric Schmidt so his image rather than their own appears on ads.

Says whom? Source it! CNET did some crap reporting over the weekend of similar ilk based on a single tweet asserting protests. I know of two people who have done this. I wouldn’t call that a mass protest.

Many people protested about the change to Google, and some altered their image profiles on the Google+ social network in response.

Many people? Whom? Where? Identify who they are. Quote some of them from their posts.

A story like this carries huge implications and therefore even greater reporting responsibility. If there is a backlash, Google could face lawsuits, share price declines, or even government investigation. So the story had better be right.

Good journalists don’t write hearsay. They write what they know to be true, based on actual reporting. Get the sources and directly cite them. At least the Beeb didn’t single-source some schmoes’ tweet or blog post.