All This Googlism disturbs Me

Today, Ian Betteridge posts: “One thing that is impossible not to notice on Google+: There’s a very distinct skew towards big Google fans in commenting. It doesn’t matter which tech site’s page you look at, the (in my view, tedious) ‘fanboy’ mentality is hotter here than on any other social network”.

I commented on his post but want to draw more attention to Ian’s observation, to which I concur. I am rethinking my social service presence because of pervasive Googlism. While now immersed in the Google lifestyle, I am not a Google fanboy. But the leanings here are quite strong now, and tipping more all the time. Also, there is increasingly less tolerance for non-Google tech posts and more criticism of those regarding competitors like Apple.

Perhaps I’m not Circled up right, so I am expanding Circles to find more balance. I also plan to finally Hangout and meet Plusers facecam to facecam. Perhaps it’s time to expand my presence on other social networks, with Reddit and Twitter top of list.

Obsession with new rumored products like Nexus 5 reveals just how pervasive is fanboyism.

That said, most of the fanboyism is positive, affirmative. There’s a real “be better” quality behind the enthusiasm that is refreshing. Intoxicating. Kids on Christmas Day. I love the excitement expressed here.

Whether Google fans or something else, there is great community here. Besides, where else will you find so many cat pics and gifs?

But as Googlism increases, Plus’ appeal diminishes somewhat for me. I am not here to reinforce beliefs but expand horizons. That includes cat gifs. 😉