My Books are Now Exclusive to Amazon

I have removed my ebooks from Google Play and all stores but one. Amazon. The decision wasn’t easy, but as an author I believe it is the right one. The retailer just launched Kindle Unlimited, which some social sharers call the “Netflix for books”. Subscribers pay $9.99 per month for whatever written or audio books participate in the program, and Amazon claims 600,000 titles.

To join the Kindle Unlimited program, independent publishers must put their books into KDP Select and give exclusivity for 90-day intervals (or longer). As a writer and reader, I love the “Netflix for books” concept, but as an independent publisher my participation means commitment to Amazon.

Publishers Lunch offers some startling statistics how in less than a week, Unlimited changed the Kindle best-seller list.

If you purchased any of my books and do not subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, please email Joe at bunnybows dot com when I announce the next updates, and I will get you fresh copies. Once I have your email address as a past purchaser,  future responsibility falls on me to get you updated books.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but promise to take care of all previous purchasers.