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Flickr a Day 6: Double-Brass Buskers

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Some people can’t let go the camera. “Compulsive photographer” is how Chris JL describes himself. He uses “flickr as a scrapbook” and warns: “Don’t expect much from my stream. I capture simple things”. He is too modest. Simple evokes complex emotions.

Chis is based in London and joined Flickr in June 2009, posting just over 500 photos through the end of 2014. By their number and quality, I’d say he is quite choosy about what’s scrapbooked. Self-titled photo “Double Brass (Tequila!)” is example of a simple photo rich with eye-grabbing detail. 

Composition is everything. Here the eye draws to the trumpet player, then to the collected coins below the horn’s end and down the tunnel. The heavy contrast, in black and white, gives the player’s jacket heavy feel to complement the sense of cold the cap conveys.

One commenter writes: “This is just awesome Chris. I can hear Tequila the song ringing out in the tunnel—beautiful wide”. Right. The wide-angle lens makes the composition work. Chris used the Nikon D90 with f/2.8 11-16mm lens. Vitals: f/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/160, 11mm. As for hearing the song, look long at the detail captured in the trumpeter’s face. The strain evokes much.

Photo Credit: Chris JL

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