Flickr a Day 14: Collonges la Rouge

Choosing a single Gwenael Piaser photo to feature is a painful exercise. So I left it to chance, by picking the one that lead me to his stream. Today’s Flickr-a-Day selection comes from search “red light”, which there is plenty of in this pic.

Street photography is an art, and as pleasing are this portrait’s ambience and composition, Gwenael’s outdoor work paints emotions across the human canvass. Located in Paris, France, he joined Flickr in January 2008. He shoots analog and digital, and the latter for this image—Canon 6D and 50mm lens. How classic! Vitals: f/2, ISO 2000, 1/45 sec. It takes steady hands to shoot 1/45 in setting like this one.

Gwenael shot this photo of his son—or so I presume based on other pics—in the French village/commune Collonges la Rouge. The child is likely inside the Saint-Pierre church; not being a French speaker, I cannot confirm.

Photo Credit: Gwenael Piaser