Waiting for Nexus 6

My Apple exodus and return to the Google lifestyle progress at rapid pace. I am full-time back on Chromebook after buying the Toshiba model one week ago. Whoa, it feels so much longer. Selling my MacBook Pro paid for the laptop, and another for my wife, with some proceeds remaining. I also use Nexus 9 tablet, replacing iPad Air (which is Craigslisted but not sold). Today, I await delivery of Nexus 6, which replaces iPhone 6.

A law-enforcement officer bought the Apple smartphone, which sale exactly covers cost of the N6. This morning, I am without any handset, waiting for UPS to deliver the Motorola-made Google phablet, which I purchased from T-Mobile. Google Play and Motorola are sold out, although during the time yesterday when placing my order, Play Store had the 32GB N6 in stock; both colors! 

Believing reviewer claims (gulp) that the T-Mobile model is essentially same as the Nexus 6 that Google or Moto sells, I chose taking delivery sooner for the capacity wanted. Besides, the cop had waited days to buy the iPhone (either I have honest-looking online photo or there aren’t many Verizon models on Craigslist). I don’t recall ever selling a device where the buyer waited nearly a week to be able to buy.

The plan as of this AM is to pop my Verizon SIM into the Nexus 6. I will port my number to T-Mobile if necessary. Service with unlimited talk, text, and data (3GB LTE capped) is $60 per month. Removing the line from Verizon would take off $40, and reducing data service would shave off another $20; so it all evens out. Verizon cell service is better in my neighborhood, where all GSM is flaky (damnit), so I prefer Red over Magenta.

Nexus 6 is huge, and I debated about size as much as device. I spent some time with the phablet in my local AT&T and T-Mobile stores, leaving mostly confident that the digital lifestyle benefits are greater than the problems sheer size poses. I also spoke with other phablet users about bulk versus benefits.

iPhone 6 Plus appeals, too, but going Google all-in is more seamless with Android. Also, I find the larger Apple handset to be too slippery. Thinness combined with rounded, rather than previous flat, bevel and aluminum is flawed design.

My apologies. All this switching around (and a few days flu) negatively impacted my online writing and social sharing. Normalcy returns as the weekend approaches and Nexus 6 is set up.

You can expect my honest N6 review in the coming weeks. Look for it on BetaNews.

Photo Credit: TechStage