Flickr a Day 133: ‘Jenna Bean’

The best nature photography causes you to say something spontaneous. Maybe it’s just “wow”, but something. “Spectacular” is my reaction to the photostream of Bryce Bradford. There are so many great pics to pick from, any could make the Day. So to keep it simple, I selected the newest, “Moose in Horseshoe Park“, which carries sentimental meaning. Back home in Northern Maine, the animals are everywhere.

But Bryce shoots from another scenic locale: rustic Colorado. In taking a last look through his photos I had to choose another, putting sentiment aside and trading moose for husky. He snapped self-titled “Jenna Bean” on Feb. 25, 2015, using the Olympus E-5 and 50-200mm lens. Vitals: f/3.5, ISO 400, 1/640 sec, 200mm. He joined Flickr in July 2008 and remains active. But you will want to spend some time on his Facebook, too, for the skinny behind the photos and his life.

Photo Credit: Bryce Bradford