Sunday Haiku

I never could understand the idea of Haiku, and really still don’t, but I heard something about the Japanese poetry on the radio last week that made me wonder about writing some. Just as an experiment. I don’t get the whole syllable thing, and don’t even try, instead focusing on juxtaposition—a concept core to my prose style.

Any coaching would be appreciated. As a writing experiment, I work fast, banging out the would-be Haiku rapid-gunfire like. I put together this lot in less than 10 minutes.

Friday paycheck
Sunday best
Church tax


Taste of blood
Torturer smiles
Water drips 


Enchiladas bake
Five year-old cries
Macaroni and cheese


Lover leaves
Camera stays
Revenge porn


Chocolate cake
Dog in the house
Insulin shock


Commute to work
Screech of wheels
Coffee stains


Arab Spring
Summer protests
Nuclear winter


Walk the dog
Bikini beach