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Flickr a Day 227: ‘Curious Minds’

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The photo service now owned by Yahoo shed some early adopters. David Tomic is among them. He joined Flickr in June 2005 but stopped posting the following year, despite clear enthusiasm as a “self-taught photographer”. Too bad, because his work really delights. He shot self-titled “Curious Minds” on Dec. 16, 2005, using Canon PowerShot G6. Vitals: f/4, 1/500 sec, 72mm. For some reason, ISO wasn’t captured in the EXIF.

David also used the “WC-DC58N wide-angle converter. I recently bought a new DSLR, Canon 20D, but at that moment I didn’t have any lenses wide enough for this sort of shot. I think that the G6 still did a reasonably good job though”. I agree. He angled the camera upwards—”it’s a somewhat crude method, I know”—and lured the ducks by “putting some small piles of bread on the ground where I wanted them to be.

“They all came over quite quickly, and provided that I didn’t make any sudden movments to spook them, they really didn’t seem to have any problems with getting right up close to the camera”. Sometimes simple technique is best.

I picked the pic because it makes me laugh. May you chuckle, too.

Photo Credit: David Tomic


    • Joe Wilcox says on February 4, 2019

      I did some quick investigation. He was active on a number of photo forums during the last decade (2000-10). I found a couple of other Australian shooters who could be him, older, elsewhere but they don’t look likely to my eyes. I confirmed that he once had domain, but that has gone back into the public till. Using the Internet Wayback Machine, I discovered that the domain redirected to another:, which currently is inactive. That’s as far as I got. The answer looks like “No”.

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