Cali can’t wait for Caturday

My daughter’s cat takes possession of a tapestry; I snapped the pic using Nexus 6, which is my main smartphone again. I sold iPhone 6 Plus, and, unbelievably, the buyer shattered the screen not long later. I got the Apple to test iOS 9, about which I am unimpressed. I still have iPad Air 2 running iOS 9.1, and my reaction remains meh. My sister bought the N6 months ago; mom uses (and loves) it now. I snagged the replacement on sale from Amazon 13 days ago.

While Apple advertising and other marketing boasts about how great are either iPhone 6 or 6 Plus for photography, I find Nexus 6 to be as good or better. The Cali portrait, taken in a fairly dimly-light room of a fairly dark cat on colorful cloth demonstrates.