Tweet This and That!

My ninth Twitter anniversary is come and passed without my noticing. Looking at the archive the service graciously provides, first tweet was on Dec. 26, 2006 about, of all things, Microsoft Zune. Now there’s a device for the archaeological tech trash heap, eh? The tweet topic must have been traumatic, because the next isn’t until Jan. 2, 2007. 🙂

The same month I signed up for Twitter, Ziff Davis hired me to run the Microsoft Watch blog created by the esteemed Mary Jo Foley. Editors planned to build brand around a core of so-called star bloggers, putting personalities before content. But six months later, Ziff sold off the enterprise group, of which MW was part, to an investment group that had other ideas. My tenure ended on April 30, 2009, after bankers took more control over Ziff Davis Enterprise during to Econolypse. I was overpaid, they said. 

I always use the last days of the year to reflect and make changes. That’s one reason why my new domain registrations tend to be in the last days of December or I sign up for new services. Hehe, like Twitter.

My tweeting will dramatically increase during 2016, or that’s the plan. I have a new project coming that will be presented sometime soon, and Twitter will play important role in content distribution and engagement.

I also see Twitter as an increasingly improving engagement platform for news reporting and other content dissemination. The less-is-more principle partly applies.

Photo Credit: Garrett Heath