Pikachu! Gesundheit!

Many moons ago, Hillcrest’s Hub plaza converted the choicest parking spaces to charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles. That’s wonderful for the young, wealthier customers careening into Starbucks or Trader Joe’s but terrible for the elderly and handicapped who need close-in parking. If you’re young and well-to-do, Southern California salutes you.

While walking to TJ’s today, I came upon the oddest thing, which is the Featured Image that you see: A yellow car, with Pikachu Pokémon on the dash. What’s deliberately obscured, for quasi-privacy reasons: The “Soul Pet” license plate. The sunny KIA brightened my mood and scorched some of my bad attitude about who parks where. (For the record, I typically walk to the plaza, so the change in parking status doesn’t directly affect me.)

I captured the moment with iPhone X. Vitals: f/1.8, ISO 20, 1/960 sec, 4mm; 9:56 a.m. PDT.