Where are These Santas From?

Before the Internet, my international news and cultural information mainly arrived via shortwave radio. Back then, many global stations would send to listeners who asked stickers and other memorabilia. Few days ago, my wife dusted off a photo album containing some of these precious, and forgotten, trinkets from the early 1990s—this pair of hand-cut , delicate paper Saint Nicks among the collection. Anyone recognize them; perhaps know their country of origin? Because I don’t. I shot the Featured Image from within the album, using Google Pixel 3 XL.

Grundig 500 and 800 receivers were among my favorites, although I owned several different portable worldband radios over the years. These days I keep a Tecsun PL880 on standby, mainly for emergencies. But I miss the challenge and fun of DXing, which is a lost art when most broadcasters favor the InterWebs over the airwaves.