‘He Didn’t Make It’

Surely you recall hearing or reading the title of this post somewhere. “He didn’t make it” is such an overly used movie or television trope (books, too). The statement also aptly describes the fate of the fallen Grinch who is subject of the Featured Image. He survived immediate decoration take-down following end of the Christmas holidays, but he was no match for the series of torrential rainstorms buffeting California.

Flooding. Mudslides. Power outages. Record snowfall in the mountains. Sinkholes. Hey, but no wildfires; too wet for that. But, don’t you fret; all that water will soon be forgotten. Sun will dry the place, pretty quickly, and the body politick will want to resume fear-mongering about drought conditions caused (presumably) by Climate Change.

Circling back to the Grinch, whose heart clearly was three sizes too small to stay inflated: today I came across his collapsed state in the San Diego neighborhood of University Heights. Vitals: f/4.9, ISO 40, 1/125 sec, 230mm (film equivalent); 9:56 a.m. PST; Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Stating another over-used trope, may he rest in peace.