Android and Me: Back to @Work

With a sigh of resignation, I handed the shipping box containing Galaxy S22 Ultra to the guy behind the FedEx counter, today. The smartphone is headed to a Samsung facility—fulfillment of my trade-in commitment. The manufacturer already credited the (expected) vaue to my purchase of successor S23 Ultra.

Considering that I only possessed the now older model for about two months, and because of otherwise overall intrinsic value, letting go was a bit challenging. Sentiment also weighed into my reluctance. The S22 Ultra marks my return to Android, after a long hiatus.

But Samsung essentially gave me about $100 less than what I paid for the device in December when holiday sale and trade-in of iPhone 13 Pro brought the purchase price way down.

To celebrate my return to Google, escape from Apple, and newfound mobile computing home with Samsung, I present the Developer / Coder / Cyber Security Android Collectible (holding laptop and phone). The Andrew Bell-designed figurine comes from the @Work collection. Back to work is my destination, with determination to be an authentic producer. Meaning: The only artificial intelligence in my writing will be the mental jolt from drinking coffee. Can it be really true that 200 or more Kindle ebooks were written by or coauthored with AI (you know which one)?

I used Leica Q2 to shoot the Featured Image and companion. The latter pays (sarcastic) homage to the blurry photo phenomenon that has Millennials and Zers (e.g. Zoomers) causing Instagrammers to squint and question their eyesight. Vitals,: f/2.8, ISO 100, 1/8 sec, 28mm; 8:12 p.m. PST. The other is same but 1/6 sec, four minutes later.