Golden Arches at Night

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra continues to amaze and delight, as the Featured Image and companion show. Capability and character appeal more than does clarity—at least for low-light photos like these.

Granted, the second shot is grainy but that’s part of the charm. Like the so-called Leica Look, Galaxy captures are dynamic and vibrant rather than flat or color washed out at higher ISO. Sure, sharper is great—as my Q2 would produce—but so is ambiance and painting-like quality.

Vitals, for the first: f/2.4, ISO 1250, 1/40 sec, 70mm (film equivalent); 8:07 p.m. PDT, today. The other: f/4.9, ISO 4000, 1/20 sec, 230mm (film equivalent); 8:06 p.m.

The fast-foodery is located at El Cajon Blvd and Texas Street in San Diego neighborhood University Heights.