I’ve Heard of Christmas in July, But August?

Earlier in the month, I was surely surprised to see Christmas decor and paraphernalia for sale at my local Costco. The warehouse bustled with shoppers—so many that no photo opportunity presented. But the place was quite desolate when I returned tonight.

We aren’t even to Labor Day yet, and gingerbread houses, Grinches, lighted fake trees, nutcrackers, and wrapping paper and ribbon adorn aisles near the front of the store? What about Halloween? Back to school? Sure something’s there, but wouldn’t there be more timely goods if not for Santa’s shop.

The Featured Image and companion are good moment markers but neither is a great showcase of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra‘s capabilities. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 150, 1/530 sec, 13mm (film equivalent); 6:15 p.m. PDT. The second: f/1.7, ISO 320, 1/120 sec, 23mm (film equivalent); 6:15 p.m.