Yes, But What About Porch Pirates?

What a terrible coincidence. Tonight, I planned to share the Featured Image, taken yesterday using Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Beforehand, I peeked at my inbox, where there were two random emails about Nextdoor posts. Someone from another San Diego neighborhood also puts out treats for delivery drivers. Last night, there was an, ah, incident.

The poster writes: “Just before 10:30 p.m., these two awful people stole the entire box of treats (bin included) that I had left out for the deliveries. Usually, we bring them in much earlier, but we were out visiting a friend we haven’t seen in ages, so it was left out past 9 p.m.” She includes a 20-second video of the thieves in action.

She continues: “Not concerned about the amount of money spent on goods lost, and I understand this is always a risk when leaving literally anything outside. But I am still posting because these criminals were probably casing the neighborhood, looking for packages to steal, so I wanted to make my neighbors aware”.

Best comment response: “We were setting treats out, too, and the raccoons took them!” Yeah, and the critters are masked bandits.

I love the idea of leaving goodies for the hand-working delivery-folk, particularly these last few days before Christmas.

Photo vitals: f/4.9, ISO 64, 1/120 sec, 230mm (film equivalent); 1:16 p.m. PST. Location: Somewhere in University Heights.