Is This How You Feel?

Lots of people do, and I hope not you. Humility mixed with heap loads of gratitude is a better way to end the year. We are entitled to nothing. Most everything we have comes from somewhere else. Modern society is built on the sacrifices of those who came before us. We are indebted.

Do you grow your own food? Drill, extract, and process the gasoline for your vehicle? Generate the electricity that powers your home? Pick and mill the cotton for clothes you bought rather than made? Fresh water is piped to your home and toilet water piped away—all from infrastructure that you didn’t build, right?

Then there is the natural world about us. Seeds are magical. How amazing is it that one little seed can be planted and grow into food or shelter. You didn’t create the sun, moon, or stars—nor the air that you breathe. Consider the human body, and how it heals injuries without any effort from you. Your physiological functions are amazingly complex yet effortlessly simple is how you experience them.

So if you do feel superior, remember this: Someone, sometime will always be better and what or who you are is the product of civilization, history, and the natural world (please feel free to add God, too).

I used Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to shoot the Featured Image, today.