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More Mission Beach

For San Diegans, trip to the beach is so effortless that some folks take the opportunity for granted. For example, Mission Beach is a 13.7-km (8.5-mile) drive from our apartment. Despite that distance, ocean is visible from several overlooks in my neighborhood of University Heights, and sea breeze is fairly constant.

Last night, I shared about our most recent galivant to the Pacific and to Belmont Park, where we purchased discounted annual passes for our daughter and best friend, whose birthdays are upcoming. This follow-up post shows off some of my wife’s photos and gives me opportunity to tout Samsung Galaxy S22, which she uses. Mine is S23 Ultra.

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Mission (Beach) Accomplished

Last night, my wife strongly suggested that we make an early coastal excursion today. Honestly, I was a bit ambivalent but followed along. Advice to myself: Listen to Annie. We both enjoyed the simple outing, which turned out to be unexpectedly productive, too. Destination: San Diego’s Mission Beach.

We arrived close to 9 a.m. PDT to find ample parking (still) but masses of people already gathered for the July 4th holiday weekend. In addition to sand and sea, Belmont Park, with its iconic rollercoaster, is the other main attraction. Annie and I traipsed about before rides or stores opened, coming upon a sign for holiday special: annual pass for $98 (discounted from $120).

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A Solemn Story

Sometimes the best photo isn’t the best shot but the one you need. The Featured Image won’t flatter my photographic skills—or entice you to do the same. But the serene view, overlooking the stairs going down to Swami’s Beach in Encinitas means to soften today’s grim story.

In the hospital where our daughter recuperates, the woman in the room’s other bed isn’t so fortunate. She has moaned in pain, for several days now, and a mass of relatives has come to see her. The lady looks to be quite large, and because she suffers from failing kidneys, I assumed she must be diabetic. I was mistaken. Grossly.