The Beachcomber

We return to Mission Beach for a final time, from my April 29, 2024 quickie visit. Subject of the Featured Image is the person working the sand with a metal detector, as two other folks stop their walk to watch.

Once again, I pulled out Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to make the moment. Vitals: f/3.4, ISO 32, 1/1900 sec, (synthetic) 230mm (digital and optical zoom); 10:39 a.m. PDT. In post-production, I started to lighten up the dark areas, but instead decided to leave the photo as shot. Moody is better, and everyone is considerable distance away.

The title to this post pays homage to Canadian comedy-drama “The Beachcombers“, which I regularly watched as a young teenager. At the time, being clueless about real geography, I wrongly presumed that the show’s characters foraged off the East Coast of Canada—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island. Instead: British Columbia. Hey, I was only off by 5,396 kilometers (3,353 miles); that’s driving-distance.