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Flickr a Week 46: ‘Coming to America: Pursuing the American Dream’

I looked through several thousand Creative Commons-licensed photos to find one to use for Veteran’s Day. Nothing moved me more than self-titled “Coming to America: Pursuing the American Dream“—active serviceman Personnel Specialist 1st Class Patrick Mbayoh. Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Greg Hall made the moment aboard aircraft carrier USS Nimitz on July 3, 2020, using Nikon D800 and 50mm f/1.4 lens. Vitals: f/8, ISO 100, 1/200 sec, 50mm.

According to U.S. Pacific Fleet, which joined Flickr in October 2009 and whose Photostream is source of the image, Mbayoh is “assigned to the ‘Kestrels’ of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 137”. A refugee from the Sierra Leone Civil War, Mbayoh arrived in “Brooklyn, New York, in 1998”, Hall explains. “Moving to the U.S. gave Mbayoh the opportunity to pursue a life-long dream”. Joining the Navy in September 2000 opened a path to earning a college education and to repaying the nation that harbored him. The sailor gained “his American citizenship in 2003”, Hall adds. “He and his wife have a child and live in Lemoore, California. Mbayoh hopes to one day retire from the Navy and go back to school to gain his PhD”.

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Flickr a Day 336: ‘Boat’

American-born actor turned Chinese movie star, Jonathan Kos-Read is our story of the day. “I play white guys in Chinese movies”, he says—and television shows, too. Going by Cao Cao on the mainland, the Los Angeles native relocated in the late 1990s to teach English. With a flare for acting and ability to convincingly speak Mandarin, Jonathan started an unlikely career in Asian cinema. Financial Times profiled Cao Cao in January of this year as did National Public Radio in February 2011.

Jonathan is a pretty good photographer, too. “I shoot actresses and actors on our sets”, he says. “Between films, to relax, I shoot friends, models, and street photography. I never shoot for money. Acting is an artistic job. I betray it for a paycheck. So I keep this part of my artistic life pure”. His LensCulture interview is an insightful look into his photographic lifestyle.