Flickr a Day 118: ‘Partly Cloudy’

The Skagit Tulip Festival ends in two days. If you live in Washington State, there is still time—and perhaps today’s selection will move you along. Howard Ignatius shot self-titled “Partly Cloudy” on April 4, 2015, using Nikon D800 and 16mm f/2.8 lens, at a flower farm, “using my fisheye lens with the camera on its back. By the way, I had this photo printed and it is hanging on a wall in my daughter’s office”.

Howard grew up in Minnesota, but lives in California, where he is retired from high-tech marketing. Besides Flickr, which he joined in April 2008, he posts to a personal photo site. His photostream is a real treat and so superb I could have picked any pic.

Photo Credit: Howard Ignatius