And Fish can Fly

Scientists force evolution? Maybe the folks over at LiveScience need to evolve their reporting. Adaptation isn’t evolution. Polypheniesm is typically environmentally caused; color change induced by environmental variations is to be expected.

Let’s look at ourselves, as example of where LiveScience falters. Homo Sapiens is considered to be one species, right? But there are different races, which, to my understanding aren’t considered subspecies. Racial variations would appear to have derived from environmental causes long ago. 

Human beings adapted because of these influences. Can any one race said to have evolved more than another because of adaptation? Uh, no. Sure, there are racists and ethnocentrists that may believe some races are more evolved than others, but not based on any scientific basis.

I’m not arguing against evolution here, just LiveScience’s questionable reporting. The real discovery from the study is something else:The changes in hormonal levels and their effect on hornworm color. Great research!