The Buck (Shot) Stops Here

I simply cannot resist. Well, actually I did resist for a few days—OK, maybe a day—but cannot any longer. Some broadcaster named Bob Rivers has got this in-bad-taste but funny Flash movie, “Cheney’s Got a Gun,” poking fun at the Vice President’s recent hunting accident.

Yes, I feel for everyone involved in the incident. But this bit of Flash foolery is just too good to pass over. I’m a fan of political humor—all targets (pardon the pun) accepted, whether conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, or some other political persuasion. I’m not partisan. 

The movie’s creators pull out plenty of goodies for Baby Boomers and GenXers to identify with. The clip is set to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Janie’s Got a Gun”. Sample of lyrics:

“Dick Cheney’s got a gun
Dick Cheney’s got a gun.
The safety’s come undone.
He’s squinting in the Texas sun.
What did our leader do?
Who’d he put a bullet through?”

Dick Cheney looks like Elmer Fudd, and there’s even a nice “Shot Happens” bumper sticker. There are other, subtler cultural draws for Boomers or Xers that I won’t give away.