Prickly Situation

This afternoon I took the Canon 20D and EF-S 60mm Macro lens out into the backyard. This prickly plant reminds me of cloud formations, where the shapes take on meaning. In the photo, I see a fox to left and dog to the right. Bow. Wow. The neighbor’s dogs barked as I took pics near the fence.

I continue to struggle to find satisfaction with the Canon 20D, which has been the case since buying it. The Nikon D70 felt more like an extension of my eye, capturing images just as I saw them. I have long fussed over the Canon 20D, with some dissatisfaction regarding focus, which has always seemed soft to me or different than expected. I’m surprised by the number of times the focal point isn’t where it appears to be. I’ve encountered this problem using two different 20Ds. 

To my eye, many 20D images have a kind of artificial quality to them. I’m lost for words to describe this appearance. No question that the camera is beautiful and captures low-noise images at high ISO.

I use a Windows PC and Mac. Both computers do the same things for me—Windows perhaps more. But the Mac feels better. It appeals more to me, resonates better with how I think and work. I’m beginning to wonder if Canon and I aren’t well suited to one another, the way Nikon appears to be. Maybe that relationship is more the prickle than than these photos. If so, ouch.