We Are TiVo, T-i-V-o

It was a rough “Lost” tonight. I recorded the episode for later viewing. Frustration: The Media Center in the living room cut off something at the end. Preview for next week’s episode is gone, too.

The Media Center is history, away. TiVo, which with either TV or projector will replace the Media Center PC, arrived this afternoon. I got the new dual-tuner model, which is available for nominal cost plus monthly fee.

I’ve wanted TiVo for a long time, but couldn’t have it, as TiVo required a phone to get the program guide. How dumb is that? I didn’t have a landline. Anyway, the new model supports broadband, and there is even a TiVo wireless adapter.

Wow. What a difference going direct to the manufacturer. The TiVo even came pre-activated, ready to go. Now, I’ve got to find a new home for the Media Center and time to make the switch.