iPod Pods

On Monday, Apple graciously sent the newer U2 iPod, along with Aperture 1.1. My daughter called the original “Gothic punk“. Same applies to the newer version, for which I’ve got to adjust to the red-colored scroll wheel. New iPod is opportunity to discuss cases, which I haven’t done on the blog. The case you choose says something about you.

My wife and daughter have identical iSkin Vibe cases, featuring Tokidoki designs (by Italian artist Simone Legno). They were Christmas presents from me.

My daughter absconded with the other iPod Apple sent last year. She has a TinPod case for that, as do I. Mine is pictured here, not hers. But I chose all the cases. The blame for reflection of character is all mine.

Changed, March 22, 2017: Links updated and Featured Image changed to collage created from retailer still selling TinPod.