Breaking the Ice at Ice Town

This morning we returned to that rink in the mall, Ice Town, for a dramatically different skating experience. I had wondered, “Who puts an ice rink in a shopping mall?” The rink could be fun for kid and teen shoppers, but little more. My bad. A lot more.

Ice Town packs in the serious skaters. My daughter returned during the Tuesday morning Freestyle session, where there were plenty of high-level skaters, including a young man representing Mexico in world competition. 

Some skaters prepared for an Ice Skating Institute competition taking place at Ice Town this weekend. Other skaters practiced for a US Figure Skating competition coming in a few weeks.

The ambiance was intoxicating. We enjoyed watching the Freestyle skate and then private lessons that followed. The rink appears to be well managed, particularly its dual roll as real ice and fun skating. C`mon, the rink is in a food court.

We all could imagine the rink as home ice.