The Global Marketplace

My wife let me buy her a geek toy last month, as a birthday present. She had busted the back on her aging Sony Ericssion W810 cell phone, and she needed a new digital camera. Why not get a phone and camera in one device?

I looked at the Nokia N82 and Sony Ericsson K850i. The N82 is long (based on specs; I couldn’t see one in a store) and the K850 was really tough to use—even for me (I saw one at the local SonyStyle store). Unable to decide, I asked my wife which she would prefer. While discussing the two phones, both of which have great 5-megapixel cameras, I explained the Sony would be about the same thickness as my Nokia N95 8GB US. When I pulled out the slider, she exclaimed, “Oh, I like that.”

A few minutes later, I found for sale online the Nokia N95 US with delightful red faceplate. The smartphone was an easy “Yes” when my wife saw the online photos. I placed the order and had the red N95-3 (mine is a N95-4) for her the next day. But what about a case?

I searched off and on for about five days before stumbling upon PDair, where there was a near-color matching case for the N95. I ordered red for my darling and black, but different style, for me. I placed the order on May 30 and paid by PayPal. I observed that PDair is located in Hong Kong.

The cases arrived less than a week later on June 5, free shipping from Hong Kong. The phone cases are superb quality and rightly match the descriptions and images (including color) depicted on the PDair Website. I would easily recommend PDair as place to buy cases for cell phones and smartphones.

I love the global marketplace that the Internet has made possible. Don’t you?