New York Dog Walkers Bing? What About California?

Microsoft has this nifty marketing promotion where New York City dog walkers wear Bing T-Shirts. Hell, why not any city in California? The people out here are dog nuts, sometimes walking two or three animals at once.

I like the concept, but c`mon, Microsoft, what’s up with the search links? In Microsoft’s blog post promoting the service, the link to partner Big Paws, Little Paws doesn’t go to the outfit’s Website. It goes to a Bing search page. After reviewing the Bing Community blogs, I see this kind of cheap linking—to drive search engine traffic—is common practice. Ah, ha! So is the Microsoft’s secret weapon for gaining search share against Yahoo! (but not Google)? 😉

Photo Credit: Eugène Trutat; 1899; courtesy Bibliothèque de Toulouse