American Apparel Rummage Sale

Apple has got nothing on American Apparel. The line for the rummage sale in San Diego on May 8, 2010, made an Apple new product launch line seem tiny indeed. Both companies have strong brands—and among the younger, hip demographic. But a sale is a sale, and American Apparel promised up to 85 percent off. Around 10:45 am, the line wrapped all the way around the long block starting from 5th Ave, such that the tail was visible at the end of the street.

I used the Sigma DP2s street style, which surprisingly worked well. I had time for four quick snaps, before being rushed away by my daughter. By cropping, I turned the original four photos into six, and it easily could have been a dozen. Please click through to my Flickr “Sigma DP2s” gallery to see the originals.