iPhone 4 Camera First Impressions

I am not that impressed with iPhone 4’s camera, whether measured by usability or output. The photos are okay, but nothing like what I’m used to getting from a Nokia handset. The iPhone 4 requires too many steps to capture a photo. On many newer Nokia N Series handsets, sliding the cover from the lens launches the camera, allowing image capture in seconds. For iPhone 4, you must push the home button, slide the touchscreen unlock bar and tap the camera application. The button for taking photos is on the touchscreen; a physical key would be better.

I will keep iPhone 4, because the camera and HD video capabilities are good enough. Besides, some editing can be done to JPEGs, as seen from the B&W High Contrast Blue filter applied to the Uglydoll family portrait. They’re ghosts! See this frightening photo and more in my iPhone 4 flickr photo set.